Bombs Away!
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Bombs…Away! is a project that will explore the impact of aerial bombardment against civilians during World War Two and use The Peace Museum’s unique collection to examine how peace campaigns formed in response. This project was supposed to launch at the museum as an exhibition in May 2020, but has been delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic. The museum is excited to be able to finally present this project as a digital exhibition. The project has been possible thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

CND campaigners form the shape of the CND logo in Bradford

CND symbol created by Yorkshire CND campaigners on the 16th July 2020 at the Mirror Pool in front of Bradford Town Hall to mark the 75th anniversary of the first atomic explosion.
Credit: Neil Terry Photography.

2020 marked 75 years since the end of WWII and May 8th 2020 saw commemorations across the country to mark 75 years since VE day. In August 2020, peace groups around the world marked 75 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. These events were all held during lockdowns and ongoing restrictions due to the pandemic.

A year on, the impact of the pandemic is still being felt across the globe. Whilst much of the world’s focus remains on how to overcome the virus, war and militarism remains a very real threat. Despite a global ban on nuclear weapons coming into effect in January 2021, in March the UK government announced plans to increase nuclear stockpiles. It may be 76 years since WWII ended, but the threat of war from the air still remains.

A Lancaster Bomber airplane dropping a bomb.


[ˈbɒmɪŋ] NOUN

An act or instance of dropping or detonating a bomb somewhere.
“a series of terrorist bombings”

demolition · knocking down · pulling down · tearing down · levelling · air raid

An attack by military aircraft, especially when armed with bombs and rockets.Strategic bombing

Use of AirPower to destroy economic and industrial infrastructure, not just military bases or enemy soldiers.
Includes intent to demoralise or inflict civilian casualties.